Linux Server monitoring dashboard
Linux Server monitoring dashboard

eZ Server Monitor (eSM) is a lightweight and simple dashboard for Linux machine. Two versions are available : a web and a shell version.



The features:

  • System

    eZ Server Monitor Web – System
    In System block, the datas about the computer are displayed :

    • hostname
    • OS
    • kernel version
    • uptime
    • last boot date
    • number of current user(s)
    • server datetime
  • Load Average

    eZ Server Monitor Web – Load Average
    Load average is displayed with gauges :
    0 to 50% : green
    51 to 75% : orange
    76 to 100% : red

  • CPU

    eZ Server Monitor Web – CPU
    CPU block contains several information about the CPU :
    Number of cores
    CPU speed
    Cache L2

  • Network usage

    eZ Server Monitor Web – Network usage
    In Network usage block, the IP address and the received and transmitted data are displayed by interface

  • Disk usage

    eZ Server Monitor Web – Disk usage
    Disk usage table’s represents each mount point with free space, used and total

  • Memory information

    eZ Server Monitor Web – Memory
    Memory block contains used, free and total RAM

  • Swap information

    eZ Server Monitor Web – Swap
    Swap block contains used, free and total Swap

  • Last login

    eZ Server Monitor Web – Last login
    The last 5 connections are displayed in the Last login table

  • Ping

    eZ Server Monitor Web – Ping
    eSM Web is able to ping hosts specified in configuration file

  • Services

    eZ Server Monitor Web – Services status
    For each service defined in the configuration file, eSM`Web checks if is active (ONLINE) or not (OFFLINE)


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Linux Server monitoring dashboard

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