Share passwords in a secure way
Share passwords in a secure way

I have found a tool that will allow you to share passwords in a secure way. This tool has been written by the Pinterest team and need the following requirements:

  • Redis
  • Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.3+

Snappass Github description:

It’s like SnapChat… for Passwords.

This is a webapp that lets you share passwords securely.

Let’s say you have a password. You want to give it to your coworker, Jane. You could email it to her, but then it’s in her email, which might be backed up, and probably is in some storage device controlled by the NSA.

You could send it to her over chat, but chances are Jane logs all her messages because she uses Google Talk, and Google Talk logs everything.

You could write it down, but you can’t find a pen, and there’s way too many characters because your Security Person, Paul, is paranoid.

So we built SnapPass. It’s not that complicated, it does one thing. If Jane gets a link to the password and never looks at it, the password goes away. If the NSA gets a hold of the link, and they look at the password… well they have the password. Also, Jane can’t get the password, but now Jane knows that not only is someone looking in her email, they are clicking on links.

Anyway, this took us very little time to write, but we figure we’d save you the trouble of writing it yourself, because maybe you are busy and have other things to do. Enjoy.

… read more on the author site (installation and usage procedure)


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Share passwords in a secure way

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