Get HP iLO board informations using XML

The purpose of this script is to retrieve the following HP iLO board informations : HP Server model, iLO model, iLO firmware version. You only need a host file filled in with all your iLO IP addresses. The script has been tested successfully with HP iLO version version 4. The main steps are the following :
– ping the iLO ip addresses listed in the host file
– if the ping is successful, read the iLO XML file that contains the informations

The output show in this order : iLO firmware version, iLO IP address, HP Server model, iLO model

Script :

$hosts = Get-Content c:\Temp\hosts.txt
foreach ($Hostname in $hosts) {
	$PingStatus = Gwmi Win32_PingStatus -Filter "Address = '$Hostname'" | Select-Object StatusCode
	If ($PingStatus.StatusCode -eq 0){
		$url = "http://$Hostname/xmldata?item=All"
		$ + "`t" + $Hostname + "`t" + $feed.RIMP.hsi.spn + "`t" + $

External references
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They follow the standard PowerShell syntax and scripting model, making it easy for customers to incorporate these functions into their administrative scripts. HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) and HP Onboard Administrator for HP BladeSystem Enclosures provide a comprehensive set of HP integration tools designed for IT experts in PowerShell scripting to configure a HP Server.

Get HP iLO board informations using XML

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