bind9I have written this python script to change the serial number for all DNS zones. The best practice for a DNS zone serial number is to use this template :
with :

  • YYYY : year
  • MM : month
  • DD : day
  • xx : increment from 01 to 99

After running this script as shown below, you have to reload your zone file using one of these lines :
Reload all zones : rndc reload
Reload one specific zone : rndc reload domain.local

The syntax of the script is :

# ./ -h -p <zone files path> -s <new serial>

All the zone files are backed up, in the same folder where the dns zone files are located, before the update.

The following modules are required for this script :

  • shutil : used to backup the zone files
  • re : regex module
  • sys, getopt : used to manage the script parameters
  • glob : used to get all dns zone files with the extension .dns
  • os : used to work in the folder specified with the parameter “-p”
  • time : get datetime and include this information in the backup dns zone filename

Code :


import shutil
import re
import sys, getopt
import glob
import os
import time

def main(argv):
        pconfpath = ''
        serial = ''
                opts, args = getopt.getopt(argv,"hp:s:",["pconfpath=","serial="])
        except getopt.GetoptError:
                print ' -p <zone files path> -s <new serial>'
        for opt, arg in opts:
                if opt == '-h':
                        print ' -p <zone files path> -s <new serial>'
                elif opt in ("-p", "--pconfpath"):
                        pconfpath = arg
                elif opt in ("-s", "--serial"):
                        serial = arg

        #Define variables
        timestr = time.strftime("%Y%m%d-%H%M%S")

        for dnsfile in glob.glob("*.dns"):
                dnsfilebkp = dnsfile + "_" + timestr + ".bkp"

                f = open(dnsfile, 'r')
                lines = f.readlines()

                f = open(dnsfile, 'w')
                for line in lines:
                        if"[0-9]* ; serial",line):
                                line = '\t\t\t\t' + serial + ' ; serial\n'

if __name__ == "__main__":
Change the serial number for all DNS zones

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