This script follows these steps :

  • scan the Active Directory domain
  • retrieve all Server names (OS name like “Windows*Server*”)
  • ping the server name to check if it is alive
  • if the ping is successfull, a WMI request get the following informations about the network configuration of the server :
    • Netbios over TCP/IP option
    • LMHost lookup option
    • WINS Servers (primary and secondary)

I have written this script to identify all servers with Netbios over TCP/IP enabled or LMHost lookup enabled or with WINS servers configured. The purpose is to dismiss the WINS environment and standardize the server network configuration without Netbios over TCP/IP (use only the TCP port 445 and not the TCP port 137,138 and 139)

Script (with Microsoft Active Directory module loaded : import-module activedirectory) :

Script (with Quest Active Directory module) :

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