This script is very useful if you want to create a web photo gallery and so, optimize the browsing speed. The best way in this case is to create from a source folder structure that contains photo files, lower resolution and thumbnail pictures. This script uses the ImageMagick Convert Command-Line Tool.

Requirements for this script :

  • Variables
    • source : folder that contains pictures
    • dest_thumb : folder that will contains thumbnail pictures (200px)
    • dest_resize : folder that will contains resized pictures (1080px)
  • Software
    • Imagemagick

If the source folder contains subfolders you have to create first the subfolder structure for the dest_thumb and dest_resize :
for example, we have the following folders :

Execute the following commands :

You can then launch the following script to create the resized pictures.

Script :

Reference :
Imagemagick Convert

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